Seven steps for dealing with a possible victim

The ‘Practical tool for First level identification of victims of human trafficking for labour exploitation’ explains seven steps to deal with a possible victim. The tool helps to recognise the signs which may tell that a person is a victim. If a possible victim is found, the tool explains how to inform the right authorities and refer the victim for formal identification and support. The tool is available in seven languages. It was drawn up by the project EuroTrafGuID led by France.

What should you do and how?

The tool identifies seven steps for dealing with a possible victim of THB for labour exploitation:

  1. Ensure safety and basic needs
  2. Assess if the person is a child
  3. Make sure you understand each other
  4. Create confidence, explain who you are
  5. Listen, observe, ask questions
  6. If required, explain what the different steps of identification of victims of trafficking are
  7. Take action.

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