Bus stickers on route from Slovakia to the UK

Migrant workers are known to travel from Slovakia to the UK by bus. On this route, stickers have been put on the back of bus seats. The stickers give information on labour rights in the UK, and the contact details of a local NGO in case of need. The travelling migrant worker has the entire bus ride to memorise the phone number.

Partners involved in the cooperation

The NGO Human Rights League in the country of origin produced the stickers, using information from NGOs in the country of destination. The bus company cooperates by allowing the NGO to put the stickers on the back of the bus seats.

What made this practice successful?

It is a cheap but effective method that reaches many migrant workers. It informs migrant workers of the labour rights in the country of destination and offers a route to support when needed. This simple step ensures that information about labour rights and remedies, in relevant languages, reaches possible victims of THB for labour exploitation.