Facebook campaign on awareness about unfair recruitment (Slovak Republic)

To warn potential migrant workers about recruitment under false pretences, for work that was too good to be true, the Slovak Republic ran a campaign on Facebook.

The campaign had several phases. The first phase included the launch of a fake website of a fake recruitment agency offering a great job abroad and a good salary (www.superzarobok.sk). The campaign on Facebook targeted young people from areas of Slovakia affected by unemployment and a higher rate of victims of THB. The fake webpage showed several significant signs of a fake page. After logging in on the fake page, the person concerned was asked to fill out a registration form to get a great job.

One of the requirements was to include their own email address and an email address of a person close to them or a relative. After a few days an email was delivered to the addresses included in the registration form, saying that the person might have become a victim of THB. The email also contained a link to the educational webpage (available only in Slovak) where all useful information on trafficking and job search could be found in a very understandable form.

Watch the video about the campaign and its results on YouTube (with English subtitles).

Partners involved in the cooperation

The Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic and Civil Society Organisation ‘Bránit sa oplatí’ worked together to create the fake page and the educational website. The cooperation with Facebook was organised by the NGO.

What made this practice successful?

The advertisement for the fake offer (fake webpage) was massively displayed: 700,000 people saw the advertisement and 40,000 people saw the campaign. 2,300 people used the form to register and 7,000 people visited the information webpage during the campaign.