Frontex training manual for border guards

Frontex has developed an anti-trafficking training manual for border guards, including a toolkit. The manual consists of three modules: Awareness aims, Identification, and Interviewing. By using these practical tools, border forces may be able to prevent this serious crime at a very early stage.

  • Module 1 – Awareness aims
    To create awareness, increase understanding and strengthen knowledge among the border guard community of the crime of trafficking in human beings (THB), its characteristics, actors, functioning and mechanisms.
  • Module 2 – Identification
    Intended for the first-line border control to improve the ability of the border control authorities to identify possible victims, but also possible traffickers.
  • Module 3 – Interviewing
    Intended for the border guard in the second line to provide a firm basis for an interview that should allow for the final evaluation whether a person is a (possible) victim of THB. The module takes into account any need for assistance as well as the most effective referral for further social, judicial and administrative follow-up.

The manual draws attention to the fact that the process of recruitment differs per victim. For example, recruitment can be fully deceptive or partially deceptive. Border guards may come across diverse kinds of victims: they may already have been exploited versus possible victims, men or women, victims not willing to cooperate, refugees and so on.

The manual also contains guiding principles regarding the extremely vulnerable group of child victims, such as: explain their rights, do no harm, ensure safety, sensitive approach, active listening and so on.

Partners involved in the cooperation

The Training Tool focuses on fighting THB by first- and second-line officers. It was developed in close cooperation with experts from member states and Schengen Associated Countries, as well as EU agencies and international organisations.

What makes this practice successful?

The manual is used in the Frontex Train-the-Trainer Program. Member states trainers can easily use the material provided for their national training programmes. The practical tool includes indicators of a trafficker and a possible victim, examples of documents and of modus operandi used. By using this tool, it may be possible for the officers of the border services to prevent this serious crime at a very early stage.

The training manual is based on the EU Directive 2011/36 and has been translated into all EU languages. This manual is also the basis for training to third-country border guards.

More information on the Frontex website.