GLA and University of Derby training course (United Kingdom)

In the UK, the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) and the University of Derby have developed an accredited training course aimed at businesses, including those that recruit and employ UK food industry workers. The aim of the course is to help supply chains learn how they can police their own suppliers and ensure that products and services are not delivered as a result of THB.

The training is designed to give the participants the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to identify exploitative practices. The training covers:

  • the indicators of THB and forced labour
  • how to test business compliance when applying the GLA Licensing Standards (which cover UK legislation that covers the employer-worker relationship, and forced labour)
  • basic investigative interview skills which can be used to find out how workers are being treated or have been treated.

There will be training for different levels of employee: for front-line managers, human resource managers, contract managers and others. The training has online modules and classroom input.

At-risk business sectors

People working in the UK’s food and agriculture sectors - such as crop pickers, factory fruit packers and meat processing plant workers - may be vulnerable to wage exploitation by unscrupulous employers, in ways amounting to THB. The training can be applied across different business sectors which are also at risk of THB.