Identification of a victim by school teachers (Luxembourg)

Signs of trafficking in human beings (THB) for labour exploitation can come from many different sources and can be detected in many ways. In Luxembourg, a victim was identified by school teachers.

A Chinese girl was brought to Luxembourg for a family reunion with the perpetrators, supposedly her dad and stepmother. When she arrived in Luxembourg, the victim went to school, which is legally required. The girl was forced to take daily care of the perpetrators’ three children, to do the housekeeping in their shared residence and to work in the perpetrators’ restaurant.

Her repeated tiredness and absenteeism at school caught the teachers’ attention. They alerted social services, which in turn alerted the Tribunal for Children (Tribunal de la jeunesse du tribunal d’arrondissement de Luxembourg). A prosecutor then ordered an investigation by the police. The defendants were convicted of voluntary human trafficking of a minor.