Information for migrant workers (the Netherlands)

Organisations in the Netherlands have been working with their sister organisations in Bulgaria, Poland and Romania to strengthen cooperation in the field of labour migration. The joint approach is based on three pillars: analysis, building a network, and information activities.

In 2013, bilateral agreements were signed between the Netherlands and Bulgaria, Poland and Romania to strengthen cooperation in the field of labour migration. In 2014, three extra policy officers at the three embassies were appointed. A budget was made available for communication activities. The aim of the cooperation is to make it easier for migrant workers to get information about working and living in the Netherlands.

Another goal is to strengthen the liaison function of the Dutch embassies between implementing agencies in the Netherlands and their sister organisations in Bulgaria, Poland and Romania. In the Netherlands the agencies are: Inspectorate SZW (labour inspectorate); SVB (the National Insurance Bank, which implements national insurance schemes in the Netherlands); and UWV (Employee Insurance Agency, which implements employee insurances and provides labour market and data services).

The joint approach is based on three pillars:

  1. Analysis of migration to the Netherlands
  2. Building a network with national and local governments and other organisations
  3. Information activities, both online and offline.

Information for Polish migrant workers in the Netherlands

As part of the information activities, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Warsaw prepared an informative film for Polish citizens, who are planning to go to or have arrived in the Netherlands for work. The film is full of advice of both experienced Poles who are already working in the Netherlands, and of professionals who support migrants.

‘Prepare yourself before you go’, is the main message of the film. The film is intended to encourage migrants to look for information about the country they are planning to go to, information about their future employer, as well as about the organisations or institutions that could provide them with support in case of problems.

The film is available in Polish and in English and can be watched on the website of the Dutch Embassy in Poland.

Other activities undertaken by the policy officers to increase awareness among migrant workers are very diverse. They include the use of information materials, Facebook and other websites. Direct contact with people who (may) want to come to the Netherlands is also very important. For this purpose, numerous meetings for job seekers and representatives of local organisations have been organised. The central message is: prepare yourself well, reflect before you start.