An NGO providing legal advice during criminal cases (Greece)

In Greece, the victim is seen as a witness in the criminal case. As a witness, they have the right to hire a lawyer to assist with the case. The A21’s Legal Aid initiative has a team of qualified and experienced lawyers, trained in a victim-centred approach. This team will assist the victim free of charge. Court fees and wages are covered by the A21 Campaign.

If victims accept the free legal support, they sign a power of attorney to a lawyer from the A21 team. If victims have returned to their home country, A21 can organise the trip back to Greece for the trial. It can cover the travel expenses, food and accommodation.

The lawyer will go through everything related to the testimony in court to prepare the victim for it. A21 will drive the victim to and from the court on trial day, and will sit next to the victim during the proceedings. The victim has to take the stand alone to testify.

The A21’s Legal Aid initiative operates within the National Referral Mechanism.