Periodic coordination meetings (Belgium)

In Belgium, all actors working against human trafficking in each judicial district meet at least two times a year. The initiative for the meetings lies with the prosecutor specialised in matters of trafficking in human beings (THB).

The aim of these periodic meetings is to:

  • discuss new phenomena
  • select priority sectors and targets
  • discuss investigation strategies and techniques
  • exchange information and
  • evaluate and prepare multidisciplinary actions (feedback).

Partners involved in the cooperation

The meetings are organised and chaired by the key prosecutor for THB cases and attended by the police (specialised trafficking units), the social inspectorate (specialised units ECOSOC) and the labour inspectorate. Apart from them, the prosecutor can also invite any experts who can make a relevant contribution to investigations or prosecutions, for example the Aliens Office, the Tax service, staff from shelters, and so on.

What makes this practice successful?

These regular meetings create a network that facilitates the exchange of information at the local level, the mapping of high-risk sectors and workplaces, and a smooth co-operation. Partners get to know and trust each other and become aware of each other’s powers and priorities. This way, any barriers to work together are lowered.