Prevention of THB among domestic staff in diplomatic households (Austria)

Austria is home to a large diplomatic community. It has therefore put emphasis on preventing trafficking in human beings (THB) among private domestic staff in diplomatic households. The Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs has introduced several measures and regularly communicates its policy to diplomatic missions and international organisations.

An event for domestic workers in diplomatic households was organised to inform them about their basic rights when it comes to wages, working hours, insurance, and entitlement to holidays, as well as the legal options that are available to them. The comprehensive policy also includes obligatory personal interviews at the Ministry when the domestic workers come to collect their yearly extension of the legitimation card (official identity card).

Furthermore, the Ministry offers training to diplomatic and consular staff on THB, including the prevention of exploitation of domestic staff in diplomatic households. The training is part of the training curricula for young diplomats (obligatory), and is also given within the framework of the annual consular conference (voluntary).