Transparency in supply chains provision (United Kingdom)

Section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, the so-called ‘transparency in supply chains provision’, requires certain organisations to develop a slavery and human trafficking statement each year. This statement should set out what organisations have done to make sure there is no modern slavery in their business or supply chains.

The measure is designed to create a level playing field between those businesses that act responsibly and those that need to change their policies and practices. After a public consultation, the UK government decided that all commercial organisations doing business in the UK with a total turnover of £ 36m or more per year need to complete a statement.

One key purpose of this measure is to prevent modern slavery in organisations and their supply chains. The statements will increase transparency by ensuring that the public, consumers, employees and investors know what steps an organisation is taking to tackle modern slavery. Those organisations already taking action can quickly and simply articulate the work already underway and planned.

The statement can also help businesses to protect and enhance their reputation and brand. The statement must be published on an organisation’s website with a link in a prominent place on the homepage.

The UK government has published a document to explain the basic requirements of the legislation which includes advice on what can be included in a slavery and human trafficking statement.