UKHTC, the UK Human Trafficking Centre

The UK Human Trafficking Centre (UKHTC) is part of the National Crime Agency. It has tactical advisors, an intelligence development role and manages part of the National Referral Mechanism for victims of trafficking. The role of the five regional Tactical Advisors is to help develop and implement of operational tactical responses to offences of trafficking.

Strategic advice

UKHTC gives advice on policy and investigative strategy. The advisors have knowledge of cultural and religious issues in relation to the rescue of possible victims and arrest of offenders which can assist law enforcement at all stages. UKHTC has produced an Operational Field Guide for use by investigators when dealing with trafficking offences.

Intelligence Development

As part of its Intelligence Development capability, UKHTC manages the UK’s sharing of intelligence related to human trafficking. UKHTC sends intelligence packages for action to law enforcement partners both within and outside the UK. The Intelligence Team also reports frequently to the Home Office to inform strategy development and amendments to UK legislation, such as the Modern Slavery Act.

National Referral Mechanism

UKHTC is also responsible for carrying out the National Referral Mechanism assessments of EU nationals, to determine whether they are victims of trafficking. (The UK Border Force is responsible for non-EU nationals.)

More information on the website of the National Crime Agency.