About Project TeamWork

This website is based on the ‘Manual for experts on multidisciplinary cooperation against trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation’. The manual was drawn up by the Ministries of Security and Justice and Social Affairs and Employment of the Netherlands, in cooperation with Luxembourg, the Slovak Republic and Malta.

Project TeamWork!

The manual was drawn up within the framework of project TeamWork! This project was a follow-up to the conference ‘Putting Rantsev into Practice’ and the accompanying handbook of best practices. Both conference and handbook focused on multidisciplinary cooperation against trafficking in human beings (THB) in general.

Download the manual on the website Government.nl


The intention of project TeamWork! was to involve experts from the EU member states to make a comprehensive, practical and useful manual for organisations across the EU. Experts from about twelve different kinds of organisations were asked to contribute to the manual. Five workshops were organised for experts from member states, NGOs, JHA agencies and other organisations. Questionnaires were also distributed. Other colleagues were contacted directly and asked for examples to include in the manual.

The manual contains knowledge and expertise on THB for labour exploitation from all over the European Union. This is thanks to the efforts of all colleagues who were willing to share their cases and practices, and to comment on earlier versions of the manual.

The organisation of the workshops, distribution of the questionnaires and compilation of the input for the manual were carried out by the organisations in the Organising Committee of project TeamWork!:

  • the Public Prosecution Service (OM)
  • the National Police
  • the Inspectorate SZW
  • the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)
  • the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (KMar)
  • the City of Amsterdam
  • the Expertise Centre on Human Trafficking and People Smuggling (EMM)
  • Fairwork
  • CoMensha
  • the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation (FNV)
  • the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (including the Netherlands embassies in the Philippines and Romania)
  • the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
  • the Ministry of Security and Justice
  • and others.

The Bureau of the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children was an advisor to the Organising Committee.

The manual was edited by: Jeroen de Jager (Ministry of Security and Justice), Nassira Hassani (Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment) and Evelien Pennings (Ministry of Security and Justice).