Risk sectors of THB for labour exploitation

A risk assessment can identify economic sectors where THB for labour exploitation may be likely to take place. Some industries are thought to be risk sectors for THB for labour exploitation. Below is a list* of sectors that currently may be at risk for THB for labour exploitation in many member states.

  • Agriculture and horticulture (which often involve seasonal work), for example the fruit sector
  • Food factories, for example food processing or packaging
  • Construction, including the building of roads
  • Domestic work and care, including work as an au pair
  • Hospitality service, hotel, (ethnic) restaurants, catering, bars
  • Cleaning industry
  • Retail and manufacturing, during the whole supply chain
  • Transportation sector, including car washes
  • Shipping, including inland shipping and fishery.

* This list is not exhaustive.

Example: exploitation in a clothing factory

An example of a case of THB for labour exploitation was the exploitation of Vietnamese workers in a clothing factory in Malta.