Training for judges

To make sure judges understand the complicated crime of THB for labour exploitation, judicial authorities could provide training to judges. This may help judges to better understand the circumstances that lead to workers being trafficked for labour exploitation.

Specialisation and training of judges  in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, a limited number of judges and legal staff handle all THB cases. THB cases of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office (Landelijk Parket or LP) and of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office for serious fraud and environmental crime (Functioneel Parket or FP) are handled by four designated courts: the courts of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Zwolle. This allows the courts to make sure that judges and staff have enough essential knowledge to handle the often complicated cases.

Specialised courses and trainings for judges and prosecutors are offered by the joint training institute SSR of the Dutch judicial system and the Public Prosecution Service. The training includes discussion of the non-punishment principle. The subject ‘victims’ is part of the general education of (criminal law) judges and includes the important issue of compensation.

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